The Lottery-Systems-Pro optimizes the financial use upon number lotteries by the best possible configuration of the lines of numbers.

The Lottery Systems Pro contains over 2,600 betting systems with bank number combinations for over one hundred lotteries worldwide. This program provides game systems for the English, German, Austrian, Swiss, in short for all known number lotteries, as well as EUROMILLION, EUROJACKPOT, KENO.

The Lottery-Systems-Pro also allows you to enter your own betting series as a system for future use with a changing number pool.

Furthermore, the program contains a module with which lines of numbers can be tested for their value as a system. This means that betting series are analysed to see how efficiently they cover the possible 2, 3, 4 combinations etc. of their number pool, if there are guaranteed hits or not.

You can download the Lottery Systems Pro here.

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